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Solving Problems Thru Software & Management

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Solving Problems thru Software & Management

Brad Woody here - I'm the guy you want on your side when it comes to getting the most out of your computers, systems, and users.

I was a software executive back in the Wild West days of Silicon Valley. I did all sorts of cool stuff for some of the biggest names in technology. After 13 years I began to split my time between Silicon Valley and Silicon Prairie, traveling between the two. Now I'm living a relaxed life in my little slice of Heaven in a golf course community no one has heard of. Prestbury. See - I knew you haven't heard of it.

Over my career I've worked with:

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  • IBM
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Netscape/AOL
  • Boole & Babbage
  • Navistar International
  • Sprint
  • Syniverse
  • Sears
  • Good Samaritan Health System
  • Laidlaw
  • Septran
  • Integrated Device Technology
  • Metavante Corporation
  • Schwarz Supply Source
  • and dozens more...

What I Do Now???

I've Got To Do Something, Right?

Now I work exclusively with small and medium businesses (SMB's). Together we solve their problems by applying objective management and appropriate technology 3 ways:

  1.  I manage process improvement efforts
  2.  I build websites and web applications (and other software)
  3.  I train people to use Microsoft Excel like a pro

Buy Blocks of Hours

Save Money

If you are a small business you may not have an IT staff - you probably do a lot of the work yourself or hire the neighbor kid when you need. If you are a medium business you may have one IT person, but he is busy running cable and resetting passwords. SMB's hire me on an ad hoc basis to pick up some of the work - especially the tasks which require a higher level of experience to complete.

You can wait until something breaks to call me. Or you can buy a block of hours in advance and use them as the need arises.

For example:


Invite Me To Speak To Your Group

For two years I traveled the United States and Canada speaking as an evangelist for a bleeding edge technology just released by IBM. It was an amazing breakthrough that allowed the largest companies to reduce their batch program runtimes from hours to minutes. This was a hot topic and I was invited to speak at huge companies, international user groups, and trade shows. And I accepted every invitation I received.

Now, I'm available to speak to your company or group. I can speak on a variety of subjects, mostly technical (but I  can teach you how to make 9 out of 10 of your free throws if you like) or I can just wing it and do an improvisation. Contact me to discuss how I can present useful information to your company or group.

Aurora Business United

Speaking on "Security, Anonymity, and Encryption" to 125 business leaders from Aurora Business United at the Round House in Aurora, IL.


all sorts of training

I started training co-workers back in the mainframe days -- the administrative staff didn't understand how a mainframe worked because no one had ever shown them. At first I set up informal classes and trained at lunch and after work. Then the demand grew to the point where the classes became formal and I ended up training our users from all over the country. That became a recurring theme with me -- almost all my clients ask me to perform some level of training for their staffs.

At Hewlett-Packard I was offered official Trainer status. I trained 1000+ users in Microsoft NT, Lotus, and many internal applications. They even flew me to Denver regularly to teach Engineers how to use an Informix database application.

I can train you and your staff on almost any component of Microsoft Office, Windows, internet safety and anonymity, security, and encryption.

Contact me to discuss how I can train your staff to use their computers more efficiently and more effectively.

Training Topics

These are the typical topics on which I offer training.


Some Recognizable Companies I've Worked with...